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Full Length Videos:

In the Valley of the Wolves - PBS documentary / Bob Landis videography  2007 Epic story of the Druid pack of Yellowstone. 
52 minutes

Lords of Nature  - Green Fire Productions  2013  A captivating documentary that goes behind the scenes with leading scientists to explore the role top predators play in restoring and maintaining ecosystems and biodiversity. Examines the questions: Can people and predators co-exist? Can we afford not to?  58 minutes 

Medicine of the Wolf -  Julia Huffman, director.  Documented with stunning cinematography of Jim Brandenburg in the Northern Minnesota landscape "wolf country”, Medicine of the Wolf tugs at the emotions while presenting the complexities and highly charged politics now surrounding an animal being pushed towards extinction.  1 hour 14 minutes

Return of the Wolves - The Next chapter - PBS documentary  2013  Narrated by Peter Coyote, this documentary explores both sides of the heated issue and examines the role of the wolf in Yellowstone, the West and the Southwest.  56:53

The Hidden Life of Wolves - Jim and Jamie Dutcher  National Geographic film  2013  After creating a pack of wolves within a 25 acre enclosure, This husband-and-wife team spent six years living alongside a pack of wolves in order to reveal the majestic, social, and intelligent nature of these long-misunderstood animals.  27 minutes

The Last Wild Wolves - Pacific Wild  2014  A beautiful and fascinating documentary about a genetically distinct wolf population - the coastal wolves of British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest  22:12  This video is also available in three segments:  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

The Wolf OR-7 Expedition: 1200 Miles to Explore Human and Wolf Coexistence -  Skyship Films 2016   Follow six adventurers as they retrace the route taken by a GPS-collared Oregon wolf. Their mission is to explore human-wolf coexistence and meet the people along Wolf OR-7's route who now find themselves in wolf country.  1 hour 22 minutes

25 Years of Wolves in YellowstoneThe 2019-2020 winter marked the 25th anniversary of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction. To commemorate this event, a 5 series broadcast was made highlighting what has been learned about wolves in the park over the last 25 years. Topics: 1) How wolves were introduced into the park (17 min.)  2) Scientific discoveries about wolves (34 min.)  3) How wolves have impacted the visitor experience (19 min.)  4) the global impact of Yellowstone wolf reintroducation (31 min) and  5) The future of wolves in Yellowstone (32 min).

Northwest Departments of Fish and Wildlife Videos:

Oregon DFW Videos - 
Imnaha Pack, 2010  - footage of Oregon's first pack, includes matriarch OR 2 or Sophie, mother of world famous OR7  1:42
Snake River pup howling to his pack - 2012     3:07
What to expect if you encounter a wolf - 2019     2 minutes

California DFW Videos - 
Lassen Pack female adult, yearling and pups (howling)  2019  1:20
Gray wolf pup playing in a puddle - Chasing water bugs and learning to “hunt”.  2019    1 minute
8 wolf pups from the Lassen Pack in Lassen County, July 2020. CDFW photo.
The Return of the Wolf - Wolves of California webinar with Amaraq Weiss

Washington DFW Videos - 
Washington's patriarch wolf - 32M, age 12 - passes - With the natural passing of a ‘patriarch’ wolf in Washington, statewide wolf specialist
      Ben Maletzke reflects on the first wolf he radio collared in this state; the animal that literally started the repopulation of wolves in
      Washington’s central Cascades. He was the father of the Teanaway pack.  2020   4 minutes

Short Educational Videos:

Call of the Coastal WolvesA beautifully photographed mini documentary follows the daily life of one wolf pack along the wild west
      coast of Vancouver Island.  Also known as "sea wolves", they live on a diet that includes fish!  8:24

The Strength of the Wolf is Family - Wolf Conservation Center   Engaging look at what family means to the wolf  1:37
Wolves of Yellowstone - National Geographic  Excellent look at the role of wolves as keystone species in the Yellowstone ecosystem  5:19
How Wolves Change Rivers - Sustainable Human   2014  What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? George
     Monbiot narrates this classic look at the ecological effects of the return of wolves.  4:33
The Fable of the Wolf - Earthjustice   An abbreviated history of the relationship between wolves and people—told from the wolf’s
      perspective  2:15

Wild Wolves Playing in the Snow -   Two wolves released in Russia joyfully playing in the snow  1:16
Yellowstone's Northern Range - Yellowstone NPS  Excellent visual of the meaning of "ecosystem"  and "biodiversity"   5:52
Medicine of the Wolf Trailer -  Trailer to the longer film listed above. Filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota & into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of brother wolf and our forgotten promise to him. 6:14

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