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Actions Alerts

Action Alerts

Lassen Pack.jpg
California's Lassen wolf family                                                                                CDFW photo
The success of the story of wolf recovery in North America lies in the dedicated work of many who work to give wolves their rights on the landscape. Wolves are back! helping to bring balance to the landscape. This is one of conservations greatest success stories. But wolves continue to be one of the most controversial of animals as conflicts, fear and misperceptions continue to put them in jeopardy.
For a stable recovery, wolves continue to need our voices. Opportunities to help and to take action for wolves will be shared as they are available. By taking action in support of wolf recovery, what seems like a small step counts. 
Each underlined phrase provides a means for taking action.
---Restore protections for Rocky Mountain Wolves - Help is desperately needed to help stop the brutal war on wolves in Idaho where the state plans to cruelly kill two-thirds of their wolf population. Please sign this petition and/or send a personal letter to Secretary of Interior Haaland asking her, under her authority, to emergency relist the Rocky Mountain wolves. 
International Wildlife CoExistence Network petition
Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming wolves have no Endangered Species protection and are being killed in record numbers. Ask for emergency relisting under the Endangered Species Act. Two more petitions are available - both can be signed:
Defenders of Wildlife petition
--- Petition to protect the freedom of New Mexico's gray wolves - New Mexico's FWS wants to restrict the movement of gray wolves within an arbitrary boundary, restricting their natural dispersal behaviors. This limits the recovery of these endangered wolves.  Wolf Conservation Center petition
--- Stop the Congressional Wolf Delisting Bill under the misguided name of "Trust the Science Act", this bill would permanently delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act.   Environmental Action Action Alerts:
Rep. Lauren Boebert's Wolf Delisting Bill  ---  Sen. Ron Johnson's Wolf Delisting Bill 

Kids Take Action! - Bellingham, Washington students help to spread the word!

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