Actions Alerts

Action Alerts

Lassen Pack.jpg
California's Lassen wolf family                                                                                CDFW photo
The success of the story of wolf recovery in North America lies in the dedicated work of many who work to give wolves their rights on the landscape. Wolves are back! helping to bring balance to the landscape. This is one of conservations greatest success stories. But wolves continue to be one of the most controversial of animals as conflicts, fear and misperceptions continue to put them in jeopardy.
For a stable recovery, wolves continue to need our voices. Opportunities to help and to take action for wolves will be shared as they are available. By taking action in support of wolf recovery, what seems like a small step counts. 
Help Rocky Mountain Wolves -  Wolves are being killed in record numbers. Ask for emergency relisting under the Endangered Species Act. Defenders of Wildlife 
Petition to the NRA  - The NRA is challenging a legal victory that restored Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in key locations across the country.  Wildlife Guardians


Action Alert for wolves of British Columbia - for Canadian citizens   Pacific Wild    

Kids Take Action! - Bellingham, Washington students help to spread the word!