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Keeping the recovery of wolves on track requires vigilance and a lot of dedicated hard work. We are grateful to the following North American organizations who dedicate some or all of their work to helping the conservation and recovery of wolves: 


California Wolf Center -  


Cascadia Wildlands -  

Center for Biodiversity 


Conservation Northwest

Defenders of Wildlife -               
Endangered Species Coalition - 
International Wildlife Co-existence Network
International Wolf Center - 
Kettle Range Conservation Group - 
Living With Wolves -
Northwest Animal Rights Network -
Nowheres Wolf
Oregon Wild -                 
Pacific Wild -
Pacific Wolf Coalition -     
Project Coyote -
Speak for Wolves -  
Western Watersheds Project - 
Wildearth Guardians
Wildlands Network -
Wolf Conservation Center -                                                     
Wolf Education and Research Center -
Wolf Haven International -  
Washington Wildlife First - 
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