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Wolf Picture Books for ages 4 -6:


Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman – Helen Hoover   Beautiful heartwarming story of a wolf, a deer, a

squirrel, and a chickadee who work together to bring help to an injured woodsman. A classic Christmas tale

with a message of peace, tolerance, and kindness.

Journey: Based on the True Story of OR7, by Emma Bland Smith. This book tells the story of Oregon’s famous
wolf, Journey, as followed by the little girl who won the contest to name him.

Little Wolf's First Howling, by Laura McGee Kvasnosky. Practice makes perfect, as a wolf pup learns to howl
by imitating his father.

Lobos: A Wolf Family Returns to the Wild, by Brenda Peterson. The story of one family of Mexican gray
wolves being released from captivity into the wild.

The Wolves are Back – Jeanne Craigshead Beautifully illustrated book telling the story of the wolves return to Yellowstone.

Together, We Are Family, by Kelly M. Condon. For younger children, gorgeous illustrations of various aspects of wolf family life, with accompanying text.

We are Wolves – Molly Grooms and Lucia Guarnotta Delightful story of two wolf pups learning from their Uncle Wolf what it means to be a wolf.

Walk with a Wolf – Janni Howker An intimate glimpse into the wolf’s wintry world. Includes CD reading of the book

Wolf Island, by Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read. The account of a wolf family in the Great Bear Rainforest, with beautiful photographs of the wolves and their habitat.


Wolf Pups Join the Pack, a publication of the American Museum of Natural History.  Wolf pups' first year, focusing on both their physical and social development. 


Wolf Watch – Kay Winters Sweet story of a wolf family watching over their pups and the den

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2nd - 4th Grade Reading

A Wolf Called Wander – Rosanne Perry, 2019 A fictional story inspired by the Oregon’s wolf OR7. The events are

based on the lives of real wolves in the wild. A story of family, courage and survival.  Grades 3 - 7

Call of the Wolf – Denver Bryan 2005 Includes CD of wolf howls Stunning, comprehensive photographic portrait

answering the most commonly asked questions

Discovering Wolves – Nancy Field and Corliss karasov 1991 Venturing into the world of wolves with 18 fun activities

Face to Face with Wolves – Jim and Judy Brandenburg 2008 Learn about wolves through the stunning photos of

Jim Brandenburg.

Spur - A Wolf's Story  Eliza Robertson  2020  Fiction based on fact.  Uplifting and empowering story, which offers a gentle message for protecting wild wolves in North America and beyond. Grades K - 3 

The Call of the Wolves – Jim Murphy  Fictional story of a young wolf who is separated from his pack during a caribou hunt but is eventually

reunited.  Grades 2 - 5

Wolves – James Maclaine 2013 Easy to read – full color photographs on the main wolf topics

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Books for Grades  5 - 8

A Wolf Called Wander – Rosanne Perry, 2019 A fictional story inspired by the Oregon’s wolf OR7.

Based on the lives of real wolves in the wild. A story of family, courage and survival.  Grades 3 - 7

Call of the Wolf – Denver Bryan 2005 Includes CD of wolf howls Stunning, comprehensive photographic
portrait answering the most commonly asked questions

Face to Face with Wolves – Jim and Judy Brandenburg 2008 Learn about wolves through the stunning
photos of Jim Brandenburg.

Julie of the Wolves – Jean Craighead George 2016 Newbery Medal–winning classic fiction based on factual information. About an Eskimo girl lost on the Alaskan tundra – third of a trilogy: Julie (1994) and Julie's Wolf Pack (1998).   Ages 10 and up

Journey – the Amazing Story of OR7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History – Beckie Elgin 2017  Follows OR7’s trail as he ventured across the landscape in search of a mate    Middle school readers
Mission: Wolf Rescue – National Geographic Meet real-life wolves and learn about their habitats, challenges, and successes, plus learn how you can take action and save these amazing endangered creatures.  Grades 5 - 6
Wolf Stories - Myths and True Life Tales from Around the World  - Susan Strauss  1994  A wonderful collection of both true stories and legends that portray the wolf not as a villain but a wise, resourceful and intelligent character. Companion CD available  Grades 4 - 7 reading level. Stories can be enjoyed by younger children as well.
High School - Adult
A Wolf Called Romeo - Nick Jans  The unlikely true story of a six year friendship between a wild and gentle
black wolf and the people and dogs of Juneau, Alaska
American Wolf - Nate Blakeslee  Follows the saga of 06, a famous Yellowstone wolf - also a story of the
challenges  to wolf recovery
Among Wolves: Gordon Haber's Insights into Alaska's Most Misunderstood Animal - Gordon Haber and
Marybeth Holleman  2013  Inspiring  collection of Dr. Haber's field notes, scientific research, journals and photos during his 40 year period of observing Denali wolves. Filled with stories that reveal wolves' complex behaviors and relationships. 

Decade of the Wolf – Douglas Smith and Gary Ferguson   2012 – recounts the years since the wolves’ return to
Yellowstone. Includes individual portraits of Yellowstone’s wolves.

In the Temple of Wolves - Rick Lamplugh  A journal of the author's first winter in Yellowstone researching wolves
Of Wolves and Men - Barry Lopez - 1979  A classic - explores the uneasy interaction between wolves and civilization over the centuries, drawing on an array of literature, history, science, and mythology as well as personal experience with captive and free-ranging wolves, 
Shadow Mountain - Renee Askins 2004  Memoir recounting Askin's  fifteen year campaign to help restore wolves to Yellostone NP - a powerful and deeply personal story of her dedication and mission.
The Hidden Life of Wolves - Jim and Jamie Dutcher 2013 A National Geographic book that shares the surprising understanding of wild wolves gained over six years the authors spent living intimately with them. Filled with beautiful photos taken by the authors.
The Rise of Wolf 8 - Rick McIntyre  2019    Follows the story of a lesser known Yellowstone wolf: wolf 8 - told by Yellowstone's most steadfast and famous wolf watcher of over 25 years, rarely missing a day. Rick McIntyre is a wonderful story teller
The Reign of Wolf 21: The Saga of Yellowstone's Legendary Druid Pack - Rick McIntyre 2020  If ever there was a "perfect" wolf, it was wolf 21. A fascinating story  dominated by the overwhelming strength of family bonds, bravery, and benevolence.” Second in a series.
The Sea Wolves - Ian Mcallister & Nicholas Read 2010  Genetically distinct from their inland cousins and from wolves in any other part of the world, this is a fascinating account on the coastal wolves living in the rainforest along the Pacific coast of Canada.
The Wisdom of Wolves - How wolves can teach us to be more human - Elli Radinger  Draws on her 25 years of first-hand experience among the wolves of Yellowstone NP,  wolf stories are shared - more complex than we ever knew and more like us than we ever imagined.
The Wisdom of Wolves - Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack - Jim and Jamie Dutcher  2018  The Dutchers reflect on the virtues they observed in wolf society and behavior - values such as compassion, teamwork, respect - shared between the human and the animal world.
The Wolf Almanac - Robert Busch 2018 revision  Reference work for the evolution and history of wolves; their biology and physiology, behavior and sociology; and their influence in ancient culture and mythology. This newly revised edition  contains the most recent information on reintroduced wolves, as well as fully updated information on the status of wolves throughout the world.
Wolf Haven: Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in North America - Brenda Peterson 2016  The story of the captive-born and displaced wolves who found forever homes in this sanctuary in Washington state. Wolf Haven uncovers new truths about wolves and the ways humans are finding to coexist with these wild animals. Stunning photographs.
Wolf Land - Carter Niemeyer  2016   First hired to kill wolves and later to help save them, in this 2nd memoir, Niemeyer takes us across the rugged West as he tracks wolves, shares in their lives, & seeks middle ground for these iconic animals, both on the land and in our hearts.
Wolf Nation – the Life, Death and Return of Wild American Wolves, Brenda Peterson 2017 Excellent account of the 300 year history of wild wolves in America.
Wolf Time - Barbara Moridge 2020  A novel - the story of the deep connection wolves once had with humans but lost. Through myth and fantasy woven together with facts, the truth about wolves is revealed.
Wolves - Behaivior, Ecology and Conservation - L. David Mech & Luigi Boitani  2007  472 pages long, this book provides a comprehensive overview of wolf biology, covering  just about everything you could want to know about wolves.
Wolves in the Land of Salmon - David Moskowitz  2013  Through vivid stories,  wolves emerge as smart, complex players uniquely adapted to the vast interdependent ecosystem of this stunning region - the Pacific Northwest.
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