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About Us

WolfWays is a group of dedicated volunteers who care deeply about wolves. We  believe that the story of the true nature of wolves, based on science, is an important one to share.  To that end, we bring wolf education to as many as we can, free of charge. 

Myths and misperceptions about wolves persist. But with understanding, this can change. WolfWays was founded out of concern for the ongoing persecution of wolves worldwide. We believe that educating the next generation about the nature and value of wolves is the best way to secure a better future for them. We believe in the power of education to change attitudes and perceptions from fear to understanding and caring.

WolfWays began planting its seeds of hope and understanding in the spring of 2014 and has since reached over 13,000 people of all ages, including 10,000 students grades pre-k through 8th.

Our Mission:  We work to increase the understanding of the real nature of wolves through science-based wolf education
Our Vision:  We hope that many of the seeds we are planting will sprout and grow, creating future stewards for both our wolves and our natural world.
    Co-sponsored by: 
Wolf Haven International -- A nationally recognized sanctuary for captive born and displaced wolves. (Washington state)
Oregon Wild -- A conservation organization that works to protect Oregon's wildlife and wild lands. 

  Meet our Volunteers

Joanie Beldin
WolfWays Co-founder

WolfWays c
Jayme 2.jpg
 Jayme Burch 
WolfWays Co-founder

      Sheila Redman
Mary Anne Ericson  Educator
Writer/ Editor
Jabrila Via

    Cheryl Hollinger
Cheryl Hollinger
Educator (2016-19)
Maren Salomon
 Lisa Hannon
 Educator (2018-19)
               Kirk Solberg
   Zoo Volunteer Coordinator
me in olympic.jpg
      Educator (2017)
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