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Wolf Art

Over the years we have been given many wonderful wolf drawings and paintings created by the young people we've met in our programs. It's time to take them off the shelf and share them with you!  We love each unique portrayal as they capture the spirit of this beautiful and inspiring animal.


Enjoy this sampling of work!   Click to enlarge any image or to see the slideshow.

Wolf Art Wanted, by artists ages 4-18! We would like this page to be a forever work in progress! Do you have a wolf drawing, painting or sculpture that you would like to share? Please send us your favorite.  No big bad wolfs please! Contact us for submission instructions.

3rd grade artist
, Wyatt
3rd Grade artist
Kailey G. - 3rd grade  Carl Cozier Elementary in Bellingham, Washington
Monroe Talbott - 2nd grade
Third Grade Artist
Painting by Melayna Campos - age 16
Rosie - 4th grade
Caiden - 3rd grade
Ada - 4 years old
Yennika - 3rd grade
3rd Grade Artist
Janet - 2nd grade
Lucia - 4th grade
Phoenix - 3rd grade
Alexia - 5th grade
Savi - 3rd grade
4th Grade Artist
Ana - 4th grade
Adeline - 4th grade
Lilly - 3rd grade
Max - age 4
Wolves in "Yellowstone"
Natalie - 3rd grade
Kseniya - 5th grade
4th grade artist
3rd Grade Artist
Lyla - 4th grade
Mrs. Gustely's class
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