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Youth Actions

 Young People Take Action for Wolves!

Spread the word!! That's the message following each WolfWays presentation. Young people may feel helpless and may feel that their voices are too small. The truth is that their voices can be powerful. Wolves are still very misunderstood. By sharing what they've learned with family and friends, they are taking an important step to helping wolves.
Third grade students in Ms. Elise Mueller's class in the Carl Cozier Elementary School in Bellingham, Wa. took this message to heart!
Following a combined presentation by WolfWays and Wolf Haven International, students formed the Secret Wolf Society - SWS - as a way to help share what they have learned with other students in their school.
SWS 4.jpg
They created a bulletin board for all students in the school to see. Here other students can learn about wolves with weekly facts and a Wolf Haven wolf of the week.
The board has a place to ask questions -  question cards are provided and answers are posted.  
According to these students "SWS saves wolves and tells people how to help wolves." and "We have wolves of the week and a fact of the week so everyone can learn new stuff every week!"
SWS 2.jpg
SWS 3.jpg
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