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WolfWays Remote Wolf Education Programs

Covid 19 has affected lives across the planet in innumerable ways. It has been devastating to many and has brought on significant life changes.


In the field of education, virtual learning has become the new standard. With it comes opportunities to connect with a broader audience from virtually around the globe.


We realize that the coming year will bring concerns surrounding bringing outside presenters into the classroom. The following alternative virtual option for bringing our science-based wolf education to your students is available by the way of Zoom, Google Meet or Skype.

Remote WolfWays Presentation Grades 2 - 12

We offer 30 - 60 minute remote programs.  Our shorter programs will be designed to meet the teacher's specific goals.

45 - 60 minute programs will provide a solid introduction to wolves. Topics may include Fact vs. Fiction, Adaptations, Social relationships - group behaviors, N. American wolf history, The wolf's role in the ecosystem and Local wolves - if you are lucky to have wolves living in your area! The program includes videos, audio, stories, images, and props (track, skull, collar). Our programs are often used to complement or introduce a unit of study. Pre- and post-program materials are provided. Please contact us for details on programs designed for your grade level needs. Our programs are available free of charge.

WolfWays presentations are designed to meet life science curricular goals (NGSS).


Mix and Match 

This website is designed to provide educators with not only wolf information, but resources, activities and downloadable handouts that can be mixed and matched to meet educational goals and needs. Check out our Educator's Materials and Activities page as well as our lists of Resources.

Questions? Interested in a remote program? Please contact us with your interests and needs.

Virtual Tour of Wolf Haven's wolf sanctuary - meet Wolf Haven's captive bred wolves! Contact education@wolfhaven.org. for information.

3rd grade online program shared with Wolf Haven International