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Pre-K Howlers - St. Johns Community Center Preschool

 Washougal 3rd Graders compare - how big is the elk - wolves' important prey?
Camas-Washougal Post newspaper program review

WolfWays On-site Programs

 Youth Programs
Following the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions,  WolfWays will bring its wolf education presentations - grades pre-k through 12 - back into schools, scouts, libraries, community centers - any group interested in learning about wolves. To date, we have shared the stories of wolves with over 10,000 school students - for free! 

Currently, our on-site programs are only available on the Olympic and Quimper Peninsula in Washington.  If you do not live within our service region, please check our Remote Programs page for alternative options.   
Engaging Multimedia Presentations! 
Our interactive hands on programs provide a solid introduction to wolves. They include a replica wolf skull and track, life size wolf and coyote cut-outs, life size cloth bull elk, plus lots of images, video/ audio clips and wolf stories from the field. 
WolfWays is designed to help meet Life Science Curricular Goals  
Teachers have also used our programs to enhance their language arts curriculum. We work with teachers to meet their interests and needs. 
Most presentations are 60- 90 minutes in length.  

How Do I Schedule a Presentation?   Send your email  inquiry to or use the Contact  Us  form  

Class with elk.JPG
classroom howl.jpg
TreeSong Nature Awareness Center - Washougal, Wa.
hoto by Michele Fox

Adult Programs


Wolves are as fascinating to adults as they are to kids - and they are a legendary, controversial, and important native species to study and understand.

Our adult programs are tailored to meet the interests and needs of the group. This is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of wolves.

Topics may include:

 --  Wolf biology - including the physical characteristics of wolves

 -- The social wolf - wolf pack (family) dynamics. Includes stories          of wolves in the wild - taken from the observations of  
      wolf biologists in the field


 -- The role of the wolf in the ecosystem

 -- The wolves of Oregon and Washington - population and


 -- Successes and challenges of wolf recovery - includes  state
     and federal 
plans that define and regulate their conservation
     and management 

Our adult programs range from one to two hours in length.

Invite us to your club or special interest group, community center or let us provide an enrichment program for your  volunteers.  
Our programs are free of charge.
     On-site Programs                    Online Programs                     Program Reviews                       

Program topics:    
Fact vs. FictionWolf Family Life, Communication,     
Physical and Social Adaptations, The Role of Wolves in
the Ecosystem, N. American Wolf History, Wolf
Conservation, Local Wolf Populations

It's a Pup's Life! Pre-K and 1st Grade presentations
follow the first year of a pup's life. 45 - 60 min. in length.

Pre- and post- program materials are provided.       

Curricular Goals:  Wolves are a high interest subject that
enhance many curricular goal topics including Adaptations, Habitat, Food Webs, Life Cycles, Social Behaviors, Ecosystems, Keystone Species, Conservation and more.

Community Events

Learning the story of Journey (OR7) with WolfWays
Co-founder Jayme Burch 
In addition to giving wolf presentations, WolfWays also brings its education to a variety of community events. 
Community event educational tabling

Tabling gives WolfWays a fun opportunity to educate the public of all ages
about wolves and conservation efforts.
Our booth includes fun activities for the kids, art projects, and an opportunity
for adults to learn about the wolves who live in their state. 
Our educational tables have taken us to the Portland Zoo's Education Center
and events including the Tualatin River Festival, Clean Water Children's
Festival, Speak for Wolves, and the Willamette River Festival.​

Interested in including a WolfWays educational table at your community event? 
Interested in volunteering at our educational tables? Please contact us with your interest.
 Trophic Cascade game with volunteer Julia Haskin
Wolf tabling.jpg

Tualatin River Festival 

A "wild one" at Treesong Nature Center's  RUN WILD! event
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