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The Symmetrical Wolf

In creating this "complete the wolf" art project as part of their unit on gray wolves, 5th grade students in the Robert Gray Elementary School in Longview, Wa. are given practice in symmetry and perspective, eye-hand coordination and how to pay careful attention to detail.  This activity also gives students focused attention to the wolf face with it's rounded ears, broad snout,
and mesmerizing eyes. This is likely the closest those students will ever get to looking into those eyes and perhaps feeling the presence of a wolf. 

Thank you to the student's teacher, Heidi Kleser, for sharing this art activity!

Click Here to read the activity description by Marion Boddy-Evans as written up in Spruce Crafts.
Symmetrical wolf_edited.jpg
Robert Gray Elementary School 5th graders                                                                                  Image by Heidi Kleser
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