Wolf Adaptations!
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He was a member of the Walla Walla family in NE Oregon
                What's a physical adaptation?
                     It's a physical feature that
                     helps an animal survive.
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Long legs
Fur - Wolves wear two coats of fur.
The coat that we can see is made of fur called "guard hairs". Guard hairs are hollow
                  shafts of hair. This coat helps to keep the wolf dry as rain and snow easily sheds off the fur.
             --- Under the guard hairs is the underfur. This is a dense wooly coat that keeps the wolf warm.
                  In the Arctic, wolves can live in temperatures of -60 degrees Farenheit. In the summer,
                  wolves shed their underfur.
Tail -  The wolf's tail is about 16" long. In the winter, the wolf will curl its thickly furred tail around his
          face, keeping his nose warm. In the summer, his tail helps to keep insects off his face.
          A wolf's tail is also very expressive. The position of the tail can tell a lot about the wolf's mood.