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Third graders check out wolf fur
What do wolf families and human families have in common?
                                                                                  with McKenna & Joanie
Young People's Programs
WolfWays brings its wolf education programs to schools, scouts, libraries, 
community centers - any group interested in learning about wolves.
To date, we have shared the stories of wolves with over 7000 young people!

-School and non-school  programs (see below) alike include lively interactive multi-media presentations -

video & audio clips -- a replica wolf skull and track -- wolf fur -- life size wolf cut out -- life size cloth bull elk,

lots of pictures and wolf stories from the field—

Enter the World of Wolves!

  Who -  We have programs designed for pre-k through 8th grade.                    Adult presentations are also available. We offer our
                program to any interested party.
  Where - We service northern Oregon and southern Washington
  How much? Our programs are free of charge.!
  How do I schedule a presentation? -  Send your email inquiry 
               to wolfways.edu@gmail.com or use the Contact Us form

            Based on scientific research and observations,

                             our programs teach about:


                     Wolf Family LIfe               Wolf Communication 

                                 Physical and Social Adaptations                                                                The Role of Wolves in the Ecosystem                                                     Wolves That Live in Washington and Oregon​​

       Wolf Conservation & Many More Fun and Interesting Facts!

School Programs

We are happy to bring our program to your school - public, private, charter and home schools
                                                   Wolves are a high interest subject that bring to life many life science curricular concepts:
                                                         Adaptations                       Habitat                              Mammals                       Senses
                                                         Predators                           Food Webs                       Life Cycles                     Social Behaviors              
                                                         Ecosystems                       Keystone Species            Trophic Cascade           Conservation                                                                                                                                                                                   NW Native Species          Conflict Resolution

                                                              Teachers have also used our programs to enhance their Language Arts curriculum.
                                                                          WolfWays programs help meet Next Generation Science Standards
Presentation content and style will vary according to the childrens’ age level. Pre and post- program materials are provided. 
Most programs are 60 - 70 minutes long. However, longer programs are available - either within the same day or return visits.
Please contact us for more details on the program that will meet your interests and needs.
Comparing hands to a wolf track 
Photo by Tori Benavente -
Courtesy of Camas-Washougal Post-Record (12/7/17)
WolfWays 3rd grade
program review article in the Camas-Washougal Post newspaper.
Are you as tall as an elk - wolves important prey?
Non School Programs
WolfWays offers programs for young people in many non-school settings, including scouts, summer camps,
nature centers. etc.  These programs are tailored to meet the interests and needs of the group and can include the same topics that are offered to the schools. Please contact us to learn more.