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The greatest gifts are the compliments that come from teachers and students who love the program, and the parents who see their kids light up with a new found passion for nature and learning.
“I already had high expectations, and this interactive and engaging presentation exceeded them! The presentation was tailored perfectly to the ages and needs of our campers, and did so in a way that exuded such a tangible passion for wolves. The campers couldn't stop talking about what they had learned all week!”   Molly Mosenthal, Adventure WILD Summer Day Camp Manager   Grades 1st - 6th  Portland
“The presentation included everything and more I would have liked my students to learn about from just a 60 minute lesson. Our third graders were so excited and interested to learn about wolves and their role in the ecosystem. The presentation included so many hands-on experiences that were suitable for all ages. Many science standards were covered in this presentation as well, which helps my students make meaning of science content we are learning about before and after the presentation.”  Angela Steffanson, 3rd grade teacher, Columbia River Gorge El School, Washougal, Wa.
6th grader
2nd grader
“Everything was really covered well and tailored to our studies. Going back and forth between speaking and showing visuals was perfect for our age group and helped with engagement. You really impressed both the kids and adults at City View.”  Tonya Mauk   6th grade teacher  City View Charter School,  Hillsboro
“All the different visuals were great! The chance for kids to stand twice during the presentation to sing and see the life-size wolf was also great! My students have all come back telling me where they hung their posters. They have also been pretending they are wolves in our dramatic play area. “For preschool all the information taught was right on with preschool level.” Katie Beaver-Campos,  Peninsula Educational Preschool, Preschool teacher,  Portland
3rd grader

“Your presentation was great! Our students learned SO much. Parents were very impressed with all they had learned and they all commented that their child taught them many new things as well. … Thank you for coming to classrooms and sharing your wolf knowledge with everyone – it really has made a difference!” Jessica Ekegren, 

2nd grade teacher  Springville K-8 Portland

6th grader
4th grade Class