Who we are
                                               WolfWays is a group of dedicated volunteers who  care deeply about wolves.
                  We  believe that the story of the true nature of wolves, based on science, is an important one to share. 
                                        To that end, we love to bring wolf education to as many as we can, free of charge.
                                           Since our founding in April of 2014, we have reached over 7000 young people
                                                                             We bring wolves into the lives of adults as well.
            WolfWays is co-sponsored by Wolf Haven International. a sanctuary for captive bred wolves in Tenino, Washington 
            Oregon Wild, a  conservation organization in Portland that, among many causes, works to protect Oregon's wolves. 
Meet our volunteers
Joanie Beldin - educator
   WolfWays co-founder
Sheila Redman - educator
Cheryl Hollinger - educator
Mary Anne Ericson - educator
Kirk Solberg - Zoo event coordinator
                        & educator